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Upcoming SEO Trends

Upcoming digital marketing and SEO trends. Read this to get the edge on competing SEO agencies and create new, powerful SEO ranking strategies.

Digital marketing is an extremely volatile and effect advertising strategy today. This includes things such as social media, online adverts and most importantly search engine optimisation (SEO). SEO is always changing as Google updates and re-evaluates its algorithms to improve  user experience and increase customer satisfaction. This means that all quality SEO agencies and experts in locations like Hertfordshire need to stay on top of all the upcoming strategies and trends. SEO firms in Hertfordshire need to constantly test new ways to optimise websites, ways which are both effective as well as in line with Google’s and other search engine guidelines. The last thing any SEO expert wants is to get a penalty on their client’s website.

Below is a short and sweet evaluation, description and discussion of new and fresh SEO trends. All of the below should be utilized and may or may not help with your online rankings. These are my personal upcoming SEO trends which I have come across and believe will become popular in the next couple of months.

Google giving more authority to quality links.

Backlinking will always (in my opinion) be the most powerful aspect of search marketing when it comes to ranking a website and most important to SEO firms. I believe that quality links will be given even more power than ever before. If you think about it, ever since the beginning of SEO, search engines have been giving more and more power to quality inbound links. A great way to get quality links to your website and get a google friendly service to increase your search engine rank is to contact a Hertfordshire SEO agency.

We all know that SEO agencies create blogs which are never intended to be read. They are just there to send links to your website, which is why Google is giving more power to the quality sites that are relevant and get traffic. This is all part of a move to try to prevent PBN’s from having too much effect on rankings.

The The importance of a Quality Mobile Friendly Strategy.

Google are increasing focusing on mobile-optimisation and trying to make an overall better mobile experience. Ever since the mobilegeddon, Google has been hammering down on non-mobile friendly sites and ranking them below mobile friendly sites. Now it does not stop there. I am sure google will keep updating its algorithm to support mobiles and websites which are not mobile friendly in every way will suffer greatly. Mobile compatibility has become a crucial part of ranking a website and it is going to keep this mobile approach.

Cross-Platform SEO.

Right now, search engine marketing in all locations (including Hertfordshire) mostly revolves around the main search engine – Google. However, I believe that within the next couple of years, search engines like Yahoo! and Bing is going to join the game of SEO and become more relevant among SEO strategies and online marketing. Not just major search engines, however, I also think that major stores like Amazon are going to become part of the search marketing game and a lot of SEO is going to involve around them. So basically what I am trying to say is that search engine optimisation agencies are not just going to be focusing on Google.

Keywords Are No Longer Going to be so Important.

If you look at the data, keywords are slowly beginning to lose their role and importance in ranking in the SERPS (search engine results page). SEO is now more and more becoming about increasing brand visibility and branding alone. With a solid brand, you will be able to rank. This I believe is becoming very popular and will soon take its place over the importance of keywords. Branding is the way forward.


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