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SEO Link Building

Link building is changing rapidly. In this article we explain what is working right now and why link building is important in SEO.

Search engines have come a long way over the years, constantly tweaking and updating their search algorithms in a desperate attempt to show us, the user, the best possible search results for the keyword we searched. Ease of use and customer experience are two things that are extremely important to Google, hence why so many algorithm changes. With these changes being put into place, Google and other search engines have almost completely changed the way it looks at inbound and outbound links. We are going to cover what is working right now and how to implement it. Please bear in mind that these are merely suggestions based on expert research.

Firstly, what has NOT changed: Link building is still based off of the same principle. You want to have as many quality websites linking to your website as possible in order to move your website up in the SERP (search engine results page). You still need quality content and the site still needs to not have a penalty.


SEO Link Buliding

New Ways To Link

SEO is formed of on-site optimisation and off-site optimisation. Link building falls into the off-site category so we will not talk about on-site search engine optimisation here. Link building and search engine marketing, in general, can be very tricky and requires a certain amount of investment, both time and money are at stake. This is why most businesses hire an SEO Hertfordshire agency to help them with their SEO and manage their online marketing. This saves a lot of time and if SEO is performed correctly and effectively, it will bring a humongous ROI to your business.

If you prefer to link build on your own and perform SEO on your own, then be prepared to invest a lot of time, however, these tips will hopefully make things easier to understand. Firstly, make sure you are linking from trusted websites, which are known, popular and have a ton of engagement. This will build up trust for your website and the best way to do this is using social profiles and business directories. Just make sure your information is correct and the same on every listing, as this affects your rankings.

Another thing is that Google no longer looks at the link in isolation. Search engines will look at the entire article/page/post/website to determine the topic. It will also look at your outbound links and determine their quality, relevancy and ‘naturalness’. By this I mean it will determine how probable it is that it is a natural outbound link rather than one added for SEO purposes. Make sure the article is relevant to the website you are linking to. This is essential. Furthermore, linking from a website which has a partial or full keyword in the page title or even the domain is extremely powerful and alone can get your website up a few pages in the SERP.

Search engines now also like to test links. So after implementing a new link, if your ranking drops, make sure you do not remove the link as Google may just be testing it. Wait a couple of weeks and if your ranking drops and does not improve then you can remove it safely.